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I LOVE our RED shirts made by FLOC
FOR LOVE OF COUNTRY This is our second run of reviews For Love of Country and Heidi and I are big fans of their product and their artwork. I received their ‘I Am A Sheepdog’ shirt and Heidi received their ladies ‘Remember Everyone Deployed’ shirt. Both shirts, as usual, are fantastic and are that soft, stretchy material that us Crossfitters have become accustomed to. To my tactical readers, FLOC has a great line of tactical artwork and apparel.
These shirts wash and wear well. For my fellow Sheepdogers out there, this is a must-purchase shirt and is great to wear on training days.
Heidi and I sporting our FLOC gear!
the side of the mens RED shirt
Heidi and I both have R E D shirts now, which stands for “Remember Everyone Deployed”. As I did in our last review, I will state that I strongly endorse them and encourage you to log on and purchase your patriotic gear. This is a great tribute to the men and women that are over-seas fighting for our freedom! Thank God for those that sacrifice their all for our freedom. That is what For Love Of Country is all about.
Their artwork is hanging in my office
If you have not read our last review, one of the awesome features of their product is all of their designs and artwork of one of the owners: Mindy Lowry. She is a gifted artist and has a fine eye for designing tactical artwork. The designs are just transferred onto the T-shirt. These custom designs for the tactical community are an awesome feature. 

FLOC also has a great line of patches coming out!!

FLOC keep the great art and apparel coming! FLOC scores a big A+ !!!

I sported my Sheepdog shirt during the Super Bowl.


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