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WODville readers I am very excited to bring you the next product. RSP Nutrition is up next. Recently, we received 3 full-size containers of Quadra Lean, ReGen, and Fast Fuel. However, Before I get into the explanation and benefits of each product, let me start off by saying we have received nothing less than phenomenal customer service from RSP. After agreeing to write a review for RSP, we received the product in the mail 48 hours later. I contacted our RSP Rep and spent 15 minutes talking with him on the phone regarding the use of the supplements. Everything on the product is self-explanatory, but as an involved Crossfitter I wanted to get the scoop. He was fantastic in explaining how and when to use the product. It should also be known that Heidi and I did not use any other supplements while using RSP!

Quadra Lean is a 100% stimulant free weight-loss supplement formulated to promote weight-loss, lasting fullness, and energy/metabolism. This is a new product for RSP and, I'll be honest, I had ambitions of eating clean when I started the supplement. I did not eat as clean as I should have, but I still lost 7 pounds over that period of time. I took three pills in the morning and three pills mid-afternoon.

As most of our readers know I'm in law enforcement and often fall into that trap of eating lunch and experiencing 2 O'Clock Blues. I would take my three afternoon supplement pills right around 2:30 PM, and have been able to finish the day with good energy. Heidi and I both worked out at 5:30 PM. I feel that the product provided additional energy, as well as the other obvious benefits that the product provides listed below will be an assistance to my general health.

-CLA(Conjugated Linoleic Acid) (Clarinol®):
-Supports the Breakdown of body fat. *
-Helps reduce the number of fat cells in the body. *

-Helps convert fat into usable energy for the body. * -Supports increased metabolism. *

-Raspberry Keytones:
-Decreases the absorbtion of fat. *
-Supports thermogenesis in the brown adipose tissue. (bad fat) *

-Garcinia Cambogia:
-Supports appetite control & mood enhancement.
me sporting the product we reviewed
-Limits enzyme production that turn carbohydrates to fat.

RSP also has a pre-workout. Let me start by saying; Heidi has traditionally never used a pre-workout. She does not like the way it makes her feel and every other product has given her the jitters. She used the product one day after having a long and stressful day in the office and has now used FAST FUEL at least a dozen times and absolutely loves the product!

Personally, I have never experienced the jitters by using this product. I have taken other pre-workouts that made my heart feel like it was getting ready to explode, but this is an excellent product. The best way for me to explain what I feel is at the point that I am breathing fire, I can now continue to push and fight through that wall!

Product description from the website:

Designed to build lean muscle and promote a lean athletic physique.*

Contains Agmatine Sulfate, Arginie AKG and Arginie HCL for maximum Nitric Oxide production.*

The only concentrated pre-workout supplement with a full BCAA profile, Beta Alanine and Glutamine.*

Intense Energy and Focus with no crash.*

Great taste and solubility.*

ReGen Is the last product that we reviewed (And I'm saving the best for last!). This product is something that I absolutely love! The flavor/taste is excellent and is designed for endurance and recovery. Instead of drinking water while working out I fill up my protein cup with a scoop of ReGen. I'll sip on this throughout the one hour Crossfit workout and whatever is remaining at the end of the work out I will finish after.

As I said, we did not take any other supplements other than the supplements provided by RSP. At the age of 43 I deal with soreness a lot and muscle recovery has become a priority for me. While using ReGen, I have not experienced any soreness whatsoever.

The taste of the two previously mentioned supplements are excellent. They don't have that gritty supplement taste a lot of products have today.

Info on ReGen:

Advanced BCAA Endurance & Recovery Formula_N.O matrix of Citrulline Malate, Agmatine Sulfate & Norvaline allows to maintain good blood (pump) and helps with absorption of electrolytes (Sodium Chloride & Sodium Bicarbonate along with Potassium Chloride) which are important for replenishment.

Engineered to be the most bioavailable BCAA product on the market Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6) & BioPerine (black pepper extract) are key auxiliary ingredients in the absorption and maximum utilization of leucine, isoleucine and valine.

Amazing Taste & Solubility for Maximum Replenishment ReGen features Instantized BCAA´s that mix easily and do not settle to the bottom of the shaker bottle.
Danny Morales

RSP has other product and if the three items we got our hands on are any indication, you will not be disappointed !

We have had an excellent experience with RSP and look forward to using the product in the future! WODville would like to think our RSP Rep Danny Morales a CrossFit/WODville athlete for introducing us to this product!

RSP is top notch and I strongly recommend it to any CrossFit athlete looking to get the edge! We look forward to reviewing more products for RSP in the future and we are proud to have our names attached with theirs!


  1. I ordered this supplement, and it arrived promptly (within 3 days). Right from the first time, I noticed a greater desire to work out, and had since pushed myself harder than I usually did.
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    1. That is awesome. Glad to hear thx for the feed back!!!

  2. How is this product treating you now? I am a former oxy elite fan; but that was pulled from the market. I am looking for a new supplement that really works with suppressing my appetite, providing energy, and that burns fat.