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Tako Grip

A few months ago we received a shipment from Tako Grip of chalk, sticky tape and grip glue. Traditionally their clients have been pole vaulters, lacrosse players, and hockey players. Their product has also been a strong benefit to those within gymnastics. 
Athlete JoJo Mascis 

Based out of Knoxville, Tennessee, Tako Grip was created out of necessity. Elite pole vaulter and founder Michael Seaman had been searching for the perfect grip for years. As an athlete, he had trouble accepting that trainers tape is the accepted grip tape for many sports, and has been for ages. For decades it's been the only option, and still does not provide a solid grip by itself. Athletes have always tried to manipulate trainers tape to give it more grip - whether using sticky spray, chalk, lighter fluid or super glue everyone has their own favorite combination. Tako Grip was founded with one product, Tako Grip: Sports Grip Tape. 

 There are so many uses for a grip tape, but here are a few sport specific examples:
  • Bat, stick, and pole wraps
  • Pole vaulting grip tape
  • Fishing Rods
  • Baseball bat wrap
  • Golf club grips
  • Water ski and boating equipment
  • Snow ski equipment
  • Racquetball, Lacrosse, Tennis grips
  • Bicycle handlebars
Tako Grip asked us to mess around with the product and attempt to locate any other good uses for the sticky tape. And boy did we ever!! 

There are three different areas we used the product. Crossfit advantages, tactical, and a local high school pole vaulting/Crossfit athlete. 


There are some definite advantages to using Tako Grip within the Crossfit community. We messed around and use them on rings, pull-up bar, kettle bell, and barbell. 

Man what a difference!! After you put this tape on whatever piece of equipment you're using it doesn't move or slide at all! It's excellent for deadlifts (placing it on our barbell with half inch separation, see photo). It also does well in maintaining grip while doing thrusters. 

The one item that I love using this on the most is the Kettlebell, with an unbelievable grip you get with using the tape. You don't have to concentrate on the KB movement at all, because it doesn't slide around.  The KB stays in place all the way through the movement.

This tape is fantastic and will for sure be something we will continue to apply to our equipment in the future. 

As for Tako's chalk. It's also a great product! We have used it many times! One of our training partners said it is much nicer the a chalk block because it covers your had much faster when you're in the middle of your workout. And when you're going for time every second matters. (Jason Khalipa should score some Tako Grip, might be what puts him over Dr. Froning this year) :)


I placed some of the stick tape on both of my rifles and on one of my hand guns. A few days later we did some training in the rain. What a difference the tape made. NO slippage at all. I even placed some of the tape around my magazine well. It makes for a secure grip, and on those days when it's raining you usually struggle with maintaining a strong grip.

Pole Vault / Crossfit 

I got to spend some time with Pole Vault / Crossfit Athlete JoJo Mascis. He is preparing to go to state competition. He played cornerback this year for his high school football team as well. 

He told me how that he has been crossfitting in his high school gym now for about a year and a half. He has the opportunity to train with Nick Hobby, one of the owners of Crossfit Excel in Manteca, Ca. 

JoJo told me that as a pole vaulter you have to have a strong core and Crossfit has been such a game changer for him. He also believes it enhances the fast twitch muscles. 

JoJo had basic sports tape on his pole prior to putting Tako Tape on. He also used the glue that Tako provided us. WODville was present when he first put the tape on. JoJo was blown away by the initial grip he had and he was very excited to give it a test run!  

I talked to JoJo a week later after he had some time to use the Tako Tape and glue. He told me, "I've never felt so safe flying in the air. I know that Tako Tape is the solution on my hand slipping down my pole. Ever since I've put on Tako Tape, I haven't slipped at all. This is by far the best thing I've used to help me for pole vaulting!"

Bam! There you have it. This future NCAA athlete is a Tako fan, and we here at WODville are as well! 

Tako Grip scores big with us! Whether you're a CrossFit athlete, tactical operator, pole vaulter, lacrosse player, or hockey player we have a product for you! 

If you can think of any other good uses for this let us know! Tako Grip,  thank you for such a great product that every athlete needs to have in their gym bag! 

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