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Vulcan Strength Training Systems

Vulcan Strength 
Training Systems

We here at WODville are extremely excited to bring our next company to our readers. VULCAN STRENGTH sent us some product a few months ago. We received a kettlebell, wooden gymnastics rings, sandbag, and two bumper plates. This review is going to address the wooden gymnastics rings and the kettlebell.

Before we even get into the two items that we are going to review I want to tell you first of all how impressed I am with this company. From the time that we agreed to write a review with them I received a tracking number within a few hours. Two days later the product was on our doorstep. They have been extremely easy to communicate and work with. Their customer service is top-notch!

Vulcan Strength Training Systems brings years of training experience to its proprietary brand of high quality training equipment. With their superior design manufactured for maximum performance effectiveness. Their growing inventory currently offers Olympic weight lifting equipment, CrossFit Equipment, Olympic Bars, Bumper Plates, Gymnastic Rings, Medicine Balls, Slam Balls, Sand Bags, Kettlebells, Speed Ropes, Glute Ham Developers, Squat Stands, Half-Racks and Rigging Systems.

Vulcan Strength is a 100% Veteran owned company (which scores big points with WODville), and they are proud to offer products manufactured both abroad, and here in the USA!

Let's talk about the wood rings and straps. I love the straps! They are made with high quality materials. The part that I like best about the straps is that they have been marked with numbers and hash marks for easy accurate height adjustments. They also come with 2-inch super heavy duty buckles. The straps consist of a 1.5-inch super wide strap for more comfort and durability. Dollar for dollar this is a great product, we have used many rings in different boxes over the last 3.5 years of crossfitting. Vulcan makes a great set!

The other item that we want to talk about in this review is their Kettlebells. In our time of Crossfit we have swung many different forms of kettlebells. Two things that you can identify immediately on a "cheaper" kettlebell is that the handles are very large and the casting seems are still very evident in the grip. When you're doing heavy volumes of kettlebell swings that casting seam can be very annoying and is very uncomfortable. Vulcan's KB is made with extreme high-quality details. The paint is not that cheesy high-gloss low quality material. It's a black matte finish designed to withstand dropping and throwing. Their KBs Consist of the smaller handle and no seam whatsoever. The handle is very smooth!

I have to say that the 4 products that we received from Vulcan have all been made with EXCELLENT quality.  If you are a gym/box owner and needing equipment Vulcan is your one stop shop. Their pricing and quality will not disappoint you!  You can pay more for other brands based on the name, or you can go with a phenomenal product from a crossfit/Olympic company like Vulcan. You will pay less and have great equipment.

In the next month we are building and establishing our home gym, and will be adding video reviews to our written reviews. Our studio/backdrop will be our home gym. We are very excited to add the Vulcan product to that gym. Vulcan's bumper plates and sandbag training will be our very first video review within the next month. Vulcan scores big with WODville! We are very impressed!

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  3. Wondering about the sandbags...are they durable? Handles comfortable? How would you rate them and why should I buy them over brute force (although I didn't want to spend that much money) or Fringesport which is a bit cheaper but still looks good...