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Brute Force Training (Sandbags)

Brute Force Training

So in the next month we're going to be doing a couple of full-blown reviews for Brute Force Training. Last week, we received a full shipment of equipment; Sandbags, adjustable atlas-med balls, and weight lifting belts. While we will be completing a review on those products within the next month, there is one thing that came from Brute Force that Heidi and I absolutely love. We figured we should put up a quick review on the Brute Force Bottle Buddy. Yes, that's right a bottle buddy! 

This product uses your basic materials while using some cool concepts; it slides over most water bottles and shakers, or in our case, Heidi's Hydro-Flask. The sleeve will hold your ID, credit cards, business cards, etc. all this while being able to see your cell phone. 

Furthermore, they have somehow managed to put a small loop on the top of the buddy to hold your keys or anything else that you want to attach. 

In case you don't understand the severity of the situation, let me delve a bit further: it has their awesome logo attached to the bottle buddy. You get their logo... ON THE SIDE OF THE BOTTLE! Owner Keith Burns, a freaking genius in design, is the creator of this revolutionary piece of equipment. Keith is also becoming a social media mogul (inside joke): you can follow Brute Force on Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter @bforcesandbags

We are super pumped to have Brute Force on board with WODville! In the next we will be rolling out two more reviews with some video of their great product!