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Rolling in next is WODDawg. This is going to be a fairly fast and quick review exposing our readers to a fantastic company, cause, and product. In a few weeks, we will be adding video review to accompany our written reviews. Since we want to give WODDawg the fullest exposure possible, we will be adding a video for it down the road.

The logo that WODDawg uses is of their mascot, a famous bulldog that happens to live in NorCal. Being a well done logo, it depicts Spike, the English Bulldog and K9 belonging to the voice of the 'CrossFit Update Show,' obstinately dangling a kettlebell from his steely lower jaw.

As for the cause, it is a phenomenal endeavor. Their goal is to match veterans with K-9's. Anything that supports our veterans after they come home gets absolute support from us! In our full review we will go into more detail.
The apparel is sweet action! Their shirts have a patch with their logo on it and are very comfortable with form fitting fabric around the arms. On top of this, they're also very soft and breathe well.

After we agreed to do a review, we had T-shirts on our doorstep in two days! Heidi received a hooded shirt and Razorback tank tops, and she loves the women's apparel!

Every WODAspect of WODDawg WODScores WODBig with WODVille. The name, cause and gear are great stuff! Mad props to Chip and the rest of WODDawg!

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  1. Thanks WODville for the PROPS! You guys are great and we appreciate your continued support of our great apparel and even better cause!