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We've been away in Cryosleep, and its time to warm things up again! We left off with Vulcan Strength and wrote a review regarding their wooden rings and kettle bells. Today we want to talk about their bumper plates and sandbags. As was stated in our last review, we are very impressed with Vulcan Strength!

We had never trained with sandbags prior to receiving this equipment, since then I have mixed some form of sandbag training into our workout regimen every week. I've noticed that short distance running has become more of an effortless movement. I strongly believe that to be a result of using sandbags to train with. The material is extremely durable, including Velcro that would frustrate Mike Tyson. It comes with an internal bag where you put the sand in and then Velcro it over in order to stay secure and prevent sand leakage. You then place it inside the outer shell which then zips closed with a heavy duty zipper. It has handles on the outside, two more further in and one in the center.

This form of training holds multiple purposes. You can use it (obviously) for running, gobbler style squats, and back squats as well as while performing a clean or jerk movement. There are many other styles of workouts that can be found on the Internet i.e. YouTube etc.

The other piece of equipment that we wanted to highlight is their bumper plates, of which we received two ten-pounders. Heidi has used these for high-volume snatches and overhead squats. As most of you know it's not recommended to drop 10-pound bumper plates from a higher level. But of course that has happened in the WODville gym. These bumper plates have stood up very well to the wear and tear of our workouts.

I strongly encourage you to take the time to read our other reviewed constraints if you haven't already. We have reviewed four of their pieces of equipment and all four have stood up very well!

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