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Here at WODVille, we want to take a few minutes to tell you about one of the most outstanding Boxes we have ever been to; Crossfit Louvre in Paris, France truly has it figured out.  Owner Daniel Chaffey spent some time with Heidi and I to show us around their Box. We were blown away with how much is going on with the limited space right in the middle of Paris. Their classes start every thirty minutes all day long. This is a must in order to cater to their 900 members.

This box is NOT taking new members, they seriously have a waiting list a mile long. This is why Daniel has plans to open two new locations in the very near future.

France has seen an explosion in the size of the Crossfit community. 18 months ago, there were only 9 Crossfit gyms in France. Now there are 45 Boxes and more on the way. Crossfit Louvre is one of the main reasons for this surge. They started offering Level 1 trainer courses in French.

They have a great elements program and upon a member completing their elements there is celebration and they honor them on their social media.

They started out doing Crossfit in Parks all over Paris. Daniel got tired of getting kicked out of the parks and established a location. Since then they have seen huge success.

One of the cool features is that they have a Reebok Crossfit retail store attached to the location.

They also preach nutrition! For a fee, you can have Paleo style meals made for you. When I tell you that we are super impressed, that would be an understatement. This location is the model for all other CROSSFITs.

They also have a team that represents their gym at Regionals, and their athletes are beasts! We got to meet a few of them. They also have a great group of trainers that love the sport of Crossfit.

If Heidi and I lived in Paris we would be all over training at this Box.