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Brute Force

Sweet-Action, Unbelievable, Stupendous: These are just a few words one can use to describe Brute Force. They claim to specialize in sandbag training, and, boy, do they ever! We LOVE their products! We have been using their Ruck Sack for about a month, however that product review will be out in a few weeks. Today, I want to hit on the first products that were sent our way: Sandbags, Wall balls, and the Weight Belt.

First off, their shipping is very fast, and you won't be let down by their customer service. Also, let me reinforce, these guys know what's up when it comes to fabric containers of broken quartz crystals, or sandbags. As of late, I have become such an advocate of sandbag training; we just came back from Paris and discovered that Crossfit Louvre trains with sandbags regularly. Our USA Special Forces also train with sandbags and Brute Force provides our US Navy with a large portion of their bags.

I also love Brute Force sandbags because they have additional handles on their bags. We have used the sandbags for running, squat cleans, and front squats. There are also a ton of different workouts on YouTube for sandbags. Oh and before I forget, they make pink sandbags. Heidi Loves her Pink sandbag and weight belt!
On top of all this, they sent us the outer shell of wallballs/ atlasballs . this has been a great addition to the WODville gym. We filled it with the weight we wanted in sand and then packed it with heavy density cotton (Which really means we just shoved in alot of normal density cotton, realized it weighed more, and dubbed it High Density Cotton, we're realizing some very serious business potential). Works like a champ... A CHAMP!! We got two of these in the mail and right now Heidi's weighs about 15lbs and mine is about 24 lbs...

The weight belts are super heavy duty. They are thick and wide! They also just came out with a multi camo belt that will soon be sported in the WODVille gym.

They are coming out with some new product in the next month and we are super pumped to be one of the first companies to highlight their new products. It goes without saying we are honored to support this great veteran owned company, and if the products mentioned here are any portent of those to come, we'll be supporting them much longer. Over the last few months we have become good friends with owner Keith Burns. All in all, they make an exceptional product for the CROSSFIT community.

Our video review will be included with this written review. we are honored to be Brute Force Athletes.