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RSP GlutaGen

RSP GlutaGen 

Okay, for starters, we did a full review on RSP in the past. For that review, check out:

I just finished a cycle of RSP's GlutaGen (glutamine). Let me start off by saying I have used at least a half a dozen different supplement companies and their version of glutamine.

I have lifted heavy and often while using RSP's glutamine. It has served me extremely very well and I've experienced little soreness of muscle.

About six months ago I performed the WOD of the hundred back squats for time with 135 pounds. This workout left me extremely sore. Two weeks ago I performed the same workout and would guess at least 80% less muscle pain from the last time. And during that period of time I was taking glutamine. I strongly believe that this cycle of glutamine has made my training much stronger!


We have a fantastic sales rep in Danny Morales. Danny is also a fantastic advocate of WODville. And we are glad to call him a RSP/WODville athlete.

I think you already know my answer about RSP's glutamine. RSP is an excellent product and worth the money spent. RSP, keep the great supplements rolling.

  • Full serving of L-Glutamine for maximum muscle recovery and immune system support.*
  • Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine combat muscular catabolism following exercise.*
  • CopMax assists in restoration of Adenosine tri phosphate stores depleted as a result of muscular stress during physical activity.*
  • Bioperine and B Vitamins support increased bioavailability for optimal absorption rates and digestive efficiency.*