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Up next on our agenda is Spartan grip. This review is going to be short and sweet, but don't let that fool you when it comes to the advantages of Spartan grip. Recently, they sent us two bottles of liquid skin-adhesive in the mail a few months back. I am extremely impressed with this product. It has served us well regarding those long workouts that require extreme grip.

I have used Spartan Grip for toes-to-bars, pull-ups, farmer carrys, basic barbell work etc.

This product creates a second layer of skin, and its sticky. The sticky truly assists while attempting to hold on to whatever item your holding.

The other great part is that when your done working out, the product washes off quickly with soup and warm water.

" We are people who do CrossFit, in official affiliated BOXes, so we do the real deal and not copycats.

We have developed SpartanGrip to solve a need that any true CrossFitter has, a solution to provide grip and protection to your hands improving your performance today and in the long term.

Of course, there is a research behind SpartanGrip and its components, but more important is that SpartanGrip has been developed through hundreds of WOD’s, testing and improving the formula that really makes the difference in The BOX, that performs under real action, REP after REP.

SpartanGrip is made and bottled in Europe by a group of athletes aiming to share it with all the people who love CrossFit."

We love this product. It doesn't take a lot of grip to do the job. One bottle will last you a while and is significantly better then chalk.

 One bottle will run you $30 which covers 80 workouts. Two bottles will run you 40. The other great part is that they offer free shipping. Bam Score!