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WOD Lifts


A few months ago, on a night not unlike tonight, Heidi and I were doing heavy squats. I had positioned two of the small, iron 5 lbs weights just under the heels of my feet in hopes of emulating the results of weight lifting shoes. As I pressed on, one of the trainers caught me out of the corner of his eye, approached me and uttered in a tone I that sent a chill down my spine, "Have you heard of those new WODLift things? Worth checking out." He went on to explain that they did the same thing as weight lifting shoes... but they were inserts. I released from my chest a hearty laugh, explaining the prophecies of the affordable and easy way to lift simply were not true. I knew in my heart an insert could never meet the needs of weight lifting and general WODdery at the same time. Dismissing his tomfoolery, I returned to my makeshift platform. Then... WODLift contacted us.

This is the specific product our trainer was talking about. 2 days later we had a couple pairs of WODLifts on our door step. The next morning I slid them into my Inov8s and did heavy squats and a 10 minute WOD with doubleunders and running. There was no sliding at all! They worked excellent. Over the last few weeks I've put them in my Nanos as well, they have been great.

This is a super inexpensive way of having lift in your heel without paying an arm and a leg. the other great part of this product is that they can stay in your shoes during high intensity WODs.

Customer Service you ask? Owner Erik Barr has been awesome. We talked on the phone within hours of taking the product off the porch. He is a true Crossfitter and has done an excellent job at producing a fantastic product. By the way, we no longer heartily laugh about this product, its legitimate. In fact, our lifts now are part of our workout multiple times a week now.