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Work T Knee Sleeves

WorkT Knee Sleeves
Up next is WorkT knee sleeves. This is a super product. We have owned the "blue'' sleeves for a few years. They have done well, but are not the kind of sleeves you will wear daily to WOD in. I wear my WorkT sleeves almost every day. They are lighter, flexible, but provide super support to my 43 year old knees. Furthermore, if they are good enough for Chris Spealler, then they're good enough for Heidi and I.
Im a very big advocate on protecting your knees. Besides, the back and the knees are the most injured body parts for Crossfitters, and these sleeves keep us in the game. I will wear them for any kind of squat, including air squats. My old knees will click multiple times as i go up and down, but after putting the sleeves on it warms the knees and resolves the clicking. The sleeves also help stabilize the knees, which is very important when trying to maintain good form.
WorkT also just came out with a thicker sleeve. If there new product is made with the same awesome quality as the thinner sleeve you will not be disappointed! WorkT scores well with WODville! We are very impressed with what they have produced and look forward in reviewing future gear from them.


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