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Brute Force Rucksack BR2

Brute Force Rucksack BR2

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We have had the honor and privilege of writing a couple different reviews for Brute Force Sandbags. Over the last few months we have been training with their rucksack. Let's start off by simply saying: what a great piece of equipment! There are a lot of different adjectives that I could use to describe the BRUTE FORCE BR-2 RUCK/ 3-DAY PACK, but I'll give you a few of them; durable, well-designed, and fashionable are just a few to describe this rucksack. It was my carry-on and primary backpack while we went through Europe this summer. I also used it recently in the foothills of California on a search and rescue mission.

And while I'm on the subject, during our search and rescue mission, we came across a large amount of poison oak. After getting home my primary concern was to decontaminate my equipment and gear. Therefore, I took the rucksack and sprayed it down thoroughly with a special chemical to help remove the oil from my gear and equipment. The bag was soaked and scrubbed thoroughly. After sitting out and drying in the heat for a few hours there was zero breakdown on the material of the bag. It looked brand-new and maintained its form. For those of you that train with rucksack, I think you realize the importance of a bag maintaining its form after wear and tear and exposure to moisture. Since then, I have loaded sand back into the bag and have trained with it and it has held up extremely well without any appearance of wear and tear.

As far as training with it, I've only had it in the foothills on a hike once. We have used it for short distance running and walking lunges and that sort of thing. I've used it once for weighted pull-ups, which almost killed me so the rucksack has multiple usages in way of training and tactics.

We have reviewed and used Brute Force gear and equipment consistently and there is not one item that we have been disappointed with. The customer service at Brute Force is phenomenal. Of course as you know we support any organization that is patriotic and veteran owned.

Coyote Tan only available at this time

Introducing the Brute Force BR-2 Ruck.  This pack has more features and than anything comparable on the market at a fraction of the cost.  Built to the same standards as the Brute
Force Sandbags. And as always, made in the USA.

Common question:  Why does this ruck look similar to something that is already on the market?  

The BR2 is a rebuttal to companies would prefer to steal ideas and products and pass them off as their own.  Our bag is a true ruck, and you will see the in the details below why this is.  It shares only a slightly similar front panel and nothing else.  The features and build quality are superb and come second to none.  In addition, it is a fraction of the cost AND comes with one of our sandbag fillers for rucking.  You will not be disappointed in choosing Brute Force!!!  

Choose Black or Coyote Tan at checkout. 

•2 of the Brute Force 35 lb capacity filler bags are now included!
•Pack created under advisement from experts in the tactical field
•Made from Mil-Spec 1000D Cordura and Ballistic Nylon
•Heavy duty YKK zipper
•Hydration/headphone ports on both sides (hydration pouch not included)
•Removable chest and waist straps
•Fastening systems for using Brute Force Sandbag Fillers inside your ruck (2 of the 35 lb capacity filler bags ARE included
•Will hold up to 70 lbs, equal to 2 fillers filled close to capacity
•Handles on both sides for additional carrying options 
•2 Velcro patch receptors
•3 pockets for additional gear (id's, cash, etc..)
•Laptop will fit inside straps, but preferably in a laptop sleeve
•Signature Brute Force Logo on every bag
•Can be used in mud-runs, and qualifies as a 3-day pack for SealFit events
•Made to the same USA quality and high-standards as the Brute Force Sandbag, the chosen sandbag for the US Navy mandatory training programs 
•Lifetime warranty- includes repairs from normal wear and tear, or defect in materials
•Does not include sand or patch

22.5"x 12"x 9"
2,950 Cubic Inches