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WOD Towels

WOD Towels?!? Let's get crackin' on WOD towels, shall we? This is a simple and commonly used product that we use every single day, but this product differs from the usual for a couple of reasons: 1. It has differently designed sides to it, that way you can designate one to touch equipment, and one to dry yourself with without mixing them up. 2. It dries you quickly and efficiently. Its like a WODWow.
          Heidi and I both got a towel in the mail from WOD towel. The only small frustrating fact is that we only have one! We have done a couple of swimming WODs over the last few weeks and it has served us well. One swipe of the towel and your skin is clear of any moisture! We work out in a hot garage in the central valley of California. Over the last month we have had some days well over 100°. This product has served us, extremely, extremely well.

          For those of you that do crush your workouts and sweat often this is the product for you. My only criticism is they need to have their logo on a towel or our logo on a towel. :-) Vince Kott, the owner of WOD Towel has a great Crossfit product and we look forward to more great products coming come from them. This is a great product and I love it when it is available and clean during and after my workout.

Product Information
Are you tired of boring fitness towels?
The WOD TOWEL has 2 stylish designs that can easily be matched with what you are wearing.
Are you tired of not remembering which side of your towel touched the dirty floor?
The WOD TOWEL's double sided design ensures that you remember which side touched the floor. You can do this by folding the towel and letting the pattern side touch the floor or equipment. When you need to wipe your face, simply open the towel and use the solid color side. 
Are you tired of cotton towels that don't feel so soft after a couple washes?
The WOD TOWEL's microfiber fabric is soft and will remain soft after numerous washes.
Are you tired of towels that are either way too big or not big enough?
The WOD TOWEL's custom size of 80cm by 40cm is just the right size.
Are you tired of carrying the extra weight of a wet cotton towel in your gym bag?
The WOD TOWEL's microfiber material is light weight and fast drying.

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