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JERK FIT~WODies & Nubs

JERK FIT~WODies & Nubs

(UPDATE: go read our other Jerkfit Review of knee sleeves, weight belt, and speed rope

We have another new Crossfitter goody that’s now on the market. WODies is the name of the product and Man, have I been impressed with them. A simple enough concept, it provides both hand and wrist protection at once. Just to test the durability I have worn them for every workout over the last month, and just about every Crossfit movement has happened during that time. Not only have they done well, they have done excellent.

I have talked about this in the past, but I will bring it up again, we all know that group of Crossfitters that say it’s a rite of passage to have your hands rip from high volume pull-ups. I think that’s STUPID. That mentality slows your training down and prevents you from going all out as your hands heal. Well that where the WODies comes into play. When using them, you place your fingers into the top three holes. It lays flat against the palm and wraps firm around the wrist.

I have done high volume pull-ups and snatches sporting the WODies and they have been super! Not only will these stay in my gym bag and I will continue to use them, but Heidi has also used them for pull-up and barbell work and loves them as well.

Also, we received something else dubbed Nubs in this order. At first I laughed when I got these in and it took a couple of workouts to break them in, but now I love them. For those of you that like to push the barbell around and do many cleans, press, or snatch: for the most of you, the inside of your thumb blisters or gets irritated at the least. So most of us wrap the thumb with goat tape. Well not anymore! Nubs simply slide over the thumb and off you go. This review was great for us, because it put us onto not one new product, but two! WODies and Nubs score very high with WODville.