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Qalo Ring

 Qalo Rings

Qalo is up next and they have taken the fitness and tactical community by storm. We got three Qalo wedding rings in the mail about a month ago, one for Heidi and two for me. We both wore them while we Crossfitted, but I also keep one in my locker at work and wear it during tactical training or missions.  

I had seen Qalo and other athletes wearing them for a while now, but really noticed it after the football preseason started, since I had noticed many NFL quarterbacks sporting them.


As for the Crossfit community, this product has been super. It moves and stretches with your finger. Last week, we did a WOD with 75 pull-ups and the ring did not create any discomfort at all. The ring is firm, but has just enough give to make it flexible. Oh and they’re cool looking as well!!

As most of you know family and marriage is very important to us! showing our commitment to each other is priority!

I have worn my Qalo ring on 3 tactical missions and have worn it during training about 6 times. Shooting and other movements during that time has not been an issue. A few of the guys on my team now have purchased their own Qalo. Wearing my traditional wedding ring concerns me that it could get caught on something, wearing my Qalo (Silicone) ring I know that there is “give” in the ring and if I had to cut or rip it off I could. But this is firm and made well! Qalo score super high with us here at WODville.

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