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ZERO G Bottle Belt

ZERO G Bottle Belt

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We have a pretty cool product to bring to you next, ZERO G Bottle Belt. It’s a space saver for your water & protein shakers and we installed it a few weeks ago in our cabinets. The ZERO G Bottle Belt was very quick and easy to install and works excellent in keeping your protein shakers from falling all over the place. (See our video review).

The staff at ZERO G has been great in communicating with us. There was very little distance between the point in time when we agreed to review the product to the time that we received it. This is a new item and they are running a Kickstarter campaign.

Go to the above link and see what Zero G owner Paul Peterson has to say about this awesome product!

 As for the packaging itself, it ships with two different kinds of screws. The purpose of the two different screws is for what surface you are installing the ZERO G Bottle Belt onto. It also has two brackets that attach to each end of the belt/band, which come in different sizes. We installed two small ones inside our cabinet and it works excellent, and it would still work excellent if we had installed it under the cabinet as well.

Space in the garage or kitchen is a delicate balance of organization, storage, and accessibility. Everything has its purpose, and everything has its place, otherwise, it’s in the way.
This is the case with bike bottles, shaker bottles and travel coffee mugs. Due to their light weight and awkward shape, they often tumble and clutter our shelves, cabinets, and counter tops. Considering the sheer amount of these containers and how often they are handled, it’s time they found their place.
  • Cutlery is kept in a wood block
  • Coats are hung on hooks 
  • Bikes are stowed on racks.
  • Bottles go in the ZERO G Bottle Belt
The patented design secures your containers between elastic bands with enough tension to hold them in place, even when hit or jostled.
When you don’t need your bottles, they simply get out of your way just by opening the door, so you can access everything else deep within your cabinets. And when you need your bottles, they’re easy to get to.
The easiest way to increase your storage is to make it more efficient. Securing your bot- tles in their own accessible area accommodates a better use of your space.
Although the system is very secure, placing and removing bottles is quick and easy, on your way out the door. 

This is a well-made product and we will continue to us this in the WODville Kitchen. Great job, ZERO G.