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A few years ago when we started, there were a handful of companies that I was truly excited about reaching out to and writing reviews for. There is no question that 2pood was one of those companies.

To say the least, when it comes to design, function and appearance, (we all know that this is one of the main reasons you by some of your gear) 2Pood has hit it out of the park. Most of my CrossFit shorts only have one small side pocket; enough to maybe hold my cell phone but not keep it secure while running or needing to run into town. The new digital camo pair (Pendleton 1) that I received in the mail, which has three different pockets on it, is AWESOME! See the photos below. The Pendleton 1 (Ruck) Shorts could very well be one of my favorite pairs of shorts that I own, and that is saying a lot coming from a guy who probably owns about 30 pair of CrossFit shorts.

So this last go-around, Heidi received a couple pairs of shorts and I received a couple pairs. To say that we are fans of 2Pood gear would definitely be an understatement. The pair that I reviewed a year and a half ago is still one of my favorite pairs to wear while working out.

We also received one of their new weight belts that I have used 5 to 6 times over the last two weeks. Specifically, it is the Devil Dog Metcon Training Belt that was a limited edition belt they came out with. I love the design and how they implemented their logo in the front of the belt, it's firm and doesn't slide up and down your back as you are doing your back squats, snatches and other movements etc.
Heidi got 2poods Podium Dusk shorts and loves them. She wears them from time to time to work out but absolutely loves to wear them casually as well. She likes the give on the sides and how she has full range of movement while doing squats or burpees.

2pood also offers pants, compression shirts, hoodies and other CrossFit items. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for that special CrossFitter, I guarantee you can fill that Christmas gift from their website.

They also have wrist wraps, coffee mugs, knee braces, kneepads, compression socks, hats, protein shakers, backpacks, beanies, and headbands. I strongly encourage you to log onto their website and check out all the extra stuff they have.

But let's not lose sight of what they specialize in and that is the sweet action shorts that will turn heads in any box or gym you walk into. As everyone knows by now, we are patriotic in a big way. It only takes you a few moments on their website to realized 2Pood is as well, and for that, we here at WODville absolutely love this company and their gear.