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This review will be a little different from the usual review we have written in the past. A few months ago, we received a shipment from Blauer uniforms in which I received a pair of their new tactical boots, tactical pants, and a T-shirt. Our agreement with Blauer was to do a few CrossFit style workouts in their boots and test run their pants, and simply stated, I have not been disappointed in the least!
First off, let’s talk pants: the 8823 Tactical Pants w/ Stretch Nylon to be more specific. Well constructed, strong stitching and awesome design. I love the clean lines of the side pockets and the stretching the waistband for movement. I've worn them a few times in way of working out as well as a couple times in a tactical environment. Every time, the pants have done extremely well and wear very comfortably. I 100% guarantee you will not be disappointed with these pants whether for CrossFit or in the tactical environment.
As for the shoes, these boots are truly one of a kind. I love the shoestring design because it has its own mechanism that tightens the shoestring down and distributes the comfort feel and fit across the top of the boot. I have worn these boots (Clash LT 6" Boot) on multiple occasions and find them very comfortable. I've also worn them while running a couple of miles included in my Crossfit work out. I performed Burpees, box jumps, and double unders while wearing these boots and one thing I did not expect was while doing back squats the support and comfort I got from the boot. These boots have now replaced my under armor boots that I have worn over the last year.

So let me be perfectly clear: whether you're looking for a pair of boots for patrol or you're a tactical operator looking for a pair of boots that are going to be flexible but durable, this is the boot for you. 

I have worn Blauer's pants and boots in the past. Their equipment in the past has been excellent and they continue with that reputation with these boots as well. The Clash LTs are extremely lightweight and they breathe very well. According to their website it only weighs 18 ounces. 
Reiterated, I absolutely love their BOA lacing system similar to that of what you would find on like a snow shoe or boot. The part that I love is that I'm able to get them on and off quickly and they are extremely comfortable.

As for the pants, I plan on buying a couple of pairs so that I can wear them on patrol. 

Their tactical pants are very comfortable with a combination of nylon/polyester and a small amount of the spandex material which has it a little give that you're looking for in a tactical environment. The pants come in multiple sizes.

I have been and will continue to be impressed with anything that comes from Blauer as long as it maintains the same great quality that they have shown me over the years and the new stuff that I have just reviewed. If you're a tactical officer this is some great gear. Especially if you're looking to be flexible and mobile, these boots and pants are great for physical training and or a regular tactical environment.

A+ Blauer.


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