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I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to bring our next company to the WODville community. A true Jack of All Trades, Pure Strength exploded onto the scene about a year and a half ago and is truly taking the CrossFit community by storm. Designed by Crossfitters, for CrossFitters. Owner Chris Brown has done a phenomenal job in just a short period of time to get a great company/ organization off the ground, servicing the CrossFit community in the process!


Pure Strength creates, manufactures and sells almost all aspects of CrossFit hardware such as barbells, kettle bells, squat racks and much more (imagine a CrossFit Walmart). Owner Chris Brown has teamed up with head trainer John McGriff and Brian Richter to form a winning combination! I'll get it out of the way right now and let you know that their customer service is second to none. Since the moment they came on board with us, their communication has been superior!

Thx Brandon for helping build the rack
For those of you that are gym/ box owners, you need to stop and take a serious look at what Pure Strength has to offer. From our experience their quality control is superior. You might be able to get specific pieces of equipment cheaper from another vendor but you are truly going to get what you pay for. Six months down the road when your equipment is falling apart you might wish that you paid a little extra for quality that is superior, and that is what you get with Pure Strength, its also made in the USA!

Pure Strength has teamed up with WODville to be our primary video review sponsor. So you will see Pure Strength custom squat rack at the back of every video review we produce.

I think it also should be known that Chris Brown is also a CrossFit box owner himself so he knows what he's talking about when addressing the needs of a CrossFit location.

The other thing that I want to address in our first review of Pure Strength is the implications this has for the CrossFitter that does it out of their garage. This slim squat rack/ pull-up bar that we have assembled in our home gym is a fantastic piece of equipment.

This Slim-Gym Rig is super sturdy with fantastic quality; its a wall mount rig that allowed you to maintain all the space in your garage because it only takes up 1' x 4'. Also, connected to it is a single pull-up bar that extends further away from the wall to give you the ability to Kip in your pull-ups.

I have seen many home gym squat racks as well as even those in CrossFit gyms and this piece of equipment is second to none and ranks right up there with anything you will get inside of a gym or Crossfit location.

So as you can see you can either go with the generic no-name equipment that will fall apart or you can pay an arm and a leg by going to the big boys so that you can have a specific name on your equipment. OR… you can make a wise choice and go with a company that builds a phenomenal product and can make your garage gym or your CrossFit box stand out with a sturdy superior product.

Extra Credit to the crew at PURE STRENGTH !!!!