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S.W.O.R.D. Drink

Last month we received some samples of the new SWORD drink. It is a powder-based supplement that helps hydrate you with three key ingredients: water, sodium electrolytes, and carbohydrates. I'm not going to even begin to attempt to dive into the scientific way of how this product works. If you go on their website and click about it will give you the scientific proof and evidence behind what this product will do for you.

First off, it tastes a whole lot better than the hydration tablets that you purchase at the running stores or Walmart. The taste is excellent and, over the last few weeks, I have drunk it before and during workouts.

As for the effect, we have done a couple of Metcon (45 plus minute) WODs. I truly can say I Felt fresh and maintained a strong energy throughout the workout.

But it also seems that it carries over after your workout less tired/ exhaustion faster recovery (and the nights that I used the product, I slept like a rock).

During the longer workouts I have been known to cramp up, but over the last two weeks of use I have not experienced this at all!

As I'm also involved in the tactical community, Ive taken to taking this on days tasked with very intensive physical training and tactical maneuvers. What I do is take two packets of SWORD, drinking one about two hours into the training and another closer to the end of the day when I walked through the door at home. I was very much refreshed and energized and was able to have quality time with the family without feeling tired at all.

Both flavors are excellent in taste and I would recommend either one of them.

SWORD scores big with us and we will definitely continue to stock this supplement in our cabinet. A+ product. Excellent job. SWORD keeps a good price and I look forward to future products from this awesome company