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Born Primitive - Snatch Shorts

Born Primitive

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Born Primitive is the next company that we want to bring to our reader. I have been crossfitting now for 4+ years and on those days that I’m pushing heavy Cleans or Snatches, I dread it because I know that my waist is going to hurt for a day or two. I love the two movements, but at the age of 43 it wears on you a little bit.

That's where Born Primitives Snatch Shorts come into play; they’re a custom compression short fitted with flexible pad over the pelvic bone to protect lifters.

Let me just start by saying it's an excellently thought out product. The padding is just the right amount to give you that little extra cushion of protection. I've used it 5 to 6 times now in the process of workouts involving snatches and cleans. This piece of equipment has not been a disappointment at all!

Owners Bear Handlon, Matt Handlon, and Mike Handlon have done an excellent job in coming up with a great product. But it doesn't stop there, they have some awesome apparel as well on their site

For those of you that are Olympic lifters or CrossFit athletes, this piece of equipment is definitely something to add to your gym bag. If I am going to go heavy with my Cleans or Snatches, these shorts will be worn from now on! They are also coming out with a women's version shortly!

The other thing I noticed while using the shorts is that I'm able to train longer. Instead of doing a simple 5 x 5 snatch or clean you're able to push longer.

The $40 is an inexpensive investment into what you're going to get in return. These Snatch Shorts get a solid A from us and I encourage you to logon and order yourself a pair.

Product Description
The Snatch Shorts fill a desperate need in the Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit communities. For too long, many lifters have had to suffer through Snatch because of the severe pain that can occur when the bar strikes the tip of the pubic bone during the transition portion of the lift. Up until now, nothing has existed to address this common issue. Many times, lifters will choose to incorrectly bounce the bar off of their quadriceps in order to avoid the painful bar strike in the pubic region. Other lifters become timid when the weight becomes heavy because of the inevitable pain they know they are about to experience.

You cannot expect to PR your snatch if you have ANY reservations as you walk up to the bar! Enter- Snatch Shorts.

Our shorts have been designed and fine-tuned by avid Olympic lifters to protect your pubic region. The flexible pad maintains a low-profile to ensure maximum mobility while offering maximum protection. Snatch Shorts will add to a lifter’s confidence because he/she will no longer have any reservations or fear. Snatch Shorts are also great for coaches to use with less experienced lifters when trying to teach the proper bar path because it provides an aiming point for the athlete at the lift’s transition. These shorts can also serve as your regular compression shorts for any other exercises you might have to complete later in your workout, which is an important feature for all of our CrossFitters out there. Next time you have to snatch, grab yourself a pair of Snatch Shorts and PR WITHOUT THE PAIN!

Product specifications: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

Color: Black

Sizing guide (by waist size in inches):
Small: 31 or less
Medium: 32-34
Large: 35-37
XL: 38 or higher
Shipping: Will ship worldwide, tracked and insured!