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Royal Sports LTD

Royal Sports LTD
Royal Sports Supplements is up next for our readers. As most of you know this is one of the big boys when it comes to bodybuilding supplements and they have recently started to market and push into the CrossFit community.

Recently, we received 3 of their products in the mail. As for customer service, from the time that we agreed to write a review to the time that we receive the product was within a few days. Even though they are a big company, their customer service has been excellent as far as communicating with us regarding any questions or concerns that we might have.

The 3 items that we test drove were the Ultra Clean 100 (which is their whey protein), Charge (which is their BCAA) and lastly BURN (which is their advanced thermogenic fat burner).
As for the Ultra Clean 100 Whey I was not disappointed at all, in way of the taste it had a good consistency and didn't have any of that after bitter taste. It is gluten-free and contains no yeast, wheat, or preservatives etc. We tested the vanilla, but it comes in other flavors such as chocolate cupcake, cinnamon bun and ice cream sandwich.

From their website regarding the Ultra Clean


Royal Sport Ultra Clean 100™ is only 100 calories and is formulated with 100% Whey—a fast-digesting, nutritious form of protein compared to other sources. This kind of protein is perfect for anyone looking to maintain or replenish his or her protein intake quickly. It is also optimal for those who want the flexibility of taking their protein any time of day, without the need for a heavy, slow digesting, protein based meal. In fact, each scoop of Royal Sport Ultra Clean 100™ contains as much protein as four egg whites!
Royal Sport Ultra Clean 100™ is 100 calories, packs 20 grams of protein, and contains very low amounts of fat and carbs. On top of its high protein, low fat/carb formula, Royal Sport Ultra Clean 100™ is as the name suggests, ULTRA CLEAN—meaning it is gluten free, has no fillers, preservatives, or additional unwanted ingredients. Anyone looking for a high-performance protein will find Royal Sport Ultra Clean 100™ is a valuable supplement to support his or her fitness goals.

The second product that I test ran was there a CHARGE which is their BCAA/SAA. This is their combined BCAA, SAA, electrolytes, glutamine based recovery complex. Which addresses protein saturation, muscle repair, and enhanced recovery. I've had very little soreness after using this product over the last month and a half.

From Royal Sports web site

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) are the building blocks of protein. However, the emergence of Silk Amino Acids (SAA’s) has sparked the battle for the so-called “Amino Throne.” Eliminating the need to choose one over the other, Royal Sport Charge brings both amino complexes together, along with Electrolytes and a Glutamine-based recovery blend.
Charge contains ZERO stimulants, mixes instantly, and is available in 3 royally delicious flavors: Fruit Punch, Blood Orange, and Strawberry Kiwi.
Royal Sport Charge provides 9g of total amino acids. Comprising of 4g of BCAA’s in a proven 2:1:1 ratio, and 5g of SAA’s, Royal Sport Charge harnesses the strength, recovery, and muscle-preserving attributes that both complexes provide.
Charge also contains 5G of additional amino acids alanine, glycine, serine and threonine in a specific sequence. These aminos, called silk amino acids (SAA) are currently being studied for delivering extraordinary results above and beyond that of traditional BCAA’s.

And for me personally I've saved the best for last and that is their product referred to as BURN. It is an advanced thermo genic. It’s designed to improve your tone and mood as well as increase energy output from your metabolism. They advertised a burner without jitters, and most of the time that I have ever used a burner or anything equivalent to that, it always follows with jitters. I have used about 3/4 of the bottle so far, of 90 capsules. I have not experienced jitters one time. But I will tell you what I have experienced.

My work week starts at 4am Monday. I hate mornings and it usually takes me a few hours to get going! Coffee rarely seems to help with that process. I started taking one of the burners right as I got up, within 15 to 20 minutes I become much more alert! By the time that I have showered, got dressed and had a little bit of quiet time; I am ready to run out the door.

That has never been the case in the past. I normally will take the second burner around 1pm to 2pm. This gives me the energy, fuel, and focus for my work out that takes place at 5:30pm. I am one of the bigger CrossFit athletes in the group that I work out with: but since starting this product I have been able to sustain excellent times in the longer style WODs with times close to or better than my cardio Crossfitters. If you have read my reviews in the past, I am not one that takes a lot of pre-workout. This has been an excellent product to help keep me energized and ready to go for my workout.


From Royal Sports website


Royal Sport Burn was specifically designed as a highly effective alternative to yohimbe-based fat burners, which often make users jittery. Instead, Burn features synephrine, a powerful stimulant alternative to yohimbe. When used in conjunction with caffeine, synephrine can help aid weight loss by promoting a decrease in body fat, increasing metabolic rate, AND helping to curb appetite Burn also includes a mood support blend, including compounds to help to take the edge off dieting, making those Royal results a little bit easier.*
SYNEPHRINE - When used alongside of caffeine, synephrine can help to aid weight loss by stimulating thermogenesis, the process in which the body burns fat. It can also help to increase basometabolic rate, and decrease appetite.
CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS - Caffeine anhydrous has been used as a proven ingredient to increase the breakdown of fatty acids, increase metabolism, and increase energy.
PYRIDOXAL 5-PHOSPHATE - Also known as Vitamin B6, Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate in involved with the conversion of lipids and carbohydrates into energy.
CRANBERRY & DANDELION - Promotes urinary support to help relieve bloating, and promote a toned physique.
5-HTP, COCOA SEED, & HOLY BASIL LEAF - By controlling stress and cortisol levels, these ingredients can help the body accelerate the fat loss process. 5-HTP and cocoa seed can also help suppress appetite.

Royal Sport LTD has other products that we have not tried, but if those products are in the indication of the products that we have tried you will not be disappointed. I give Royal Sport a solid A and strongly recommend their product to anybody in the future. We here at WODville are truly excited to support and help endorse their product and look forward to reviewing more of their products in the future.