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As you have read of late, we have started diving into writing some tactical reviews. So we are going to tackle a tactical product for ya, SWAT T. This is a Tourniquet, but not just any tourniquet.

 Its small and easy to keep on your person. For our First Responders you can keep this in a side pocket or in your vest.  It also can serve as pressure dressing or elastic bandage. As a tactical operator this is an item that I keep on my person. It is quickly accessible as I keep it stored behind my soft plate.

After receiving a shipment of SWAT T, Our team medic did training for us and it was amazing how simple the process was to apply and use the SWAT T.  This product could truly save someone’s life or even my own.

They come in two colors: tactical black and rescue orange. The awesome part of this product is that they keep the directions and instructions on the tourniquet itself. Telling you what you need to do in order to use it for what kind of injury you're dealing with. On their website they referred to it as being unique in multipurpose dressing and that it is. The process is simple you stretch, you wrap, and tuck!

Most of the websites sell the product for under $15. It is easy to store and to keep on your person and easy to open package and apply tourniquet quickly. I encourage you to log onto their website and find a vendor that you can purchase from.

Excellent product and truly is an item that could save your life. SUPER PRODUCT