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WOD Welder

WOD Welder

I'm pumped to bring the readers of WODville our next product; WOD Welder. WOD Welder made contact with us a few months ago. We have done other hand care items in the past, and those products did well for us, but WOD Welder brings an additional flair with their product with an excellent cream and soap on top of their hand care.

We received a couple of their hand care kits as well as a couple of bars of their natural Paleo bar soap.

First off, their hand care is a thicker, heavier roll on balm. I have used it for a couple of cuts and it expedited and increased the healing process. There are a couple of other areas that I used the hand care for and that is after I got a tattoo about a month ago. I never went and got the regular ointment that I normally use, I just used WOD Welder balm on the tattoo and it went through the healing process to clean appearance process much faster than any tattoo that I have ever had in the past! I'm also one that shaves his head a couple times a week and I now use the Handcare on the top of my head. It honestly has cut down on any razor burns or bumps drastically. I absolutely love this product.

I also use the hand cream daily in the morning after showering and it has an awesome smell. I often complain that at the age of 43 I'm getting old man hands. I strongly believe that the hand cream is addressing that drastically as well.

The last thing I want to talk about is the Paleo soap bar. It is truly no exaggeration when I tell you this this, it is by far the best bar of soap I have ever used. It keeps your skin feeling clean and firm. They also smell super. After this bar of soap expires I will be purchasing more in the future. I have been using the same bar for little over a month now and it is just about done. For $10 a month, this is a great bar of soap is invest. The special coconut oil mixture with peppermint and eucalyptus essentials makes for an awesome bar of soap.

To the crew at WOD Welder you have a fantastic product and we are excited to be on board with you guys. Keep the awesome products coming!
 I very much look forward to products they come out with in the future. You will not be disappointed!