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Extreme Valor Apparel

Extreme Valor Apparel
Up next on our agenda is Extreme Valor Apparel. Traditionally, there has always been a fun rivalry between firemen and police officers. As a police officer, I have a great respect for my brothers that drive the big red truck. From time to time we enjoy razzing one another but I want to get right to it; whether its going into a house with a guy with a gun or going into a house that's engulfed in flames, we both put our lives on the line to protect others.

With all that being said, I want to take the time to introduce our readers to Extreme Valor Apparel. Let me start off by saying that some of their designs are absolutely awesome! There are new SEAL shirts that they are in the process of rolling out and they have one of the best designs I've seen in a long time.
Recently I received a pair of their shorts and a shirt in the mail, and yes my law-enforcement brothers razzed me for wearing my fire workout gear, but this is some awesome stuff.
The shorts are flexible, comfortable and aren't restricting during any movements that I have used them in, i.e. squats, Burpees, box jumps. I also love the full-size pocket that is on the side which gives you the ability to put your wallet or cell phone or both in the shorts.
The shirt that I received has an awesome graphic on it as you can see below and is soft, stretchy, movable and of excellent quality.
For all my firefighter buddies out there, you need to be ordering early and often from these guys. But the cool part of their apparel and gear is that they also make stuff in support of all first responders and our military personnel. It is very apparent that they are extremely patriotic,  which scores big with us. A lot of their product has red, white and blue/ American flag colors on it, and they have other products that pay tribute to 9/11 and other areas of support to our military.
Any company that shows loyalty and allegiance to their country gaines my respect and support.
To our friends at Extreme Valor Apparel, keep the awesome designs coming, because you score a major A+ from us, log onto their website at: