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Fitness Sanctum WODmaster 22lb Weight Vest

Fitness Sanctum WODmaster 22lbs Weight Vest

A few weeks ago we received the WODmaster 20lb Weight Vest, sent to us by Fitness Sanctum. Fitness Sanctum is a new distributor of CrossFit equipment, apparel and accessories, and, from everything that we can see, they're doing it right.
In the past, I've used basic weighted vests that fit more simply like an actual vest. Those prior vests would bounce and slide all over the place if you were trying to do any other movements other than pull-ups or your running. So when they asked us to do a review on this product I was a little skeptical but was willing to give it a shot nonetheless.
I've now worn this product for five workouts and, during those workouts, it was performing movements such as box jumps, burpees, running and other related movements that normally would've caused the best vests to bounce around and be annoying and uncomfortable as if it were an augmentation to my core. Simply put, this product is fantastic. The way that the weight is distributed across your back and chest area, strapping down firmly around your sides and over your shoulders, creates a firm fit and allows you to use it while doing a variety of different and dynamic movements with extra resistance.

Fitness Sanctum has been excellent to work with and they have many other CrossFit style items that you can purchase to add some spice your training. Fitness Sanctum has the widest range of functional fitness products out there. From the "traditional" crossfit equipment to the newer products.   They are a one-stop shop for functional fitness, they offer quality workout apparel, workout gear, fitness accessories, weights, kettlebells, sports-specific training devices, push sleds and mobility gear. So you can truly outfit your box or garage gym from one location. And if you are questioning about the product they offer they stand behind their gear with a 365 day return policy! Bam that's awesome!  They also offer super competitive shipping rates!!
Now you may say adding 22 pounds to your body isn't that big of a deal.. Let me assure you, good sir or madam, you couldn't be less correct. Man, does this kick my butt. I've used it for a 10 minute WOD of burpees and box-jumps as well as during a much longer WOD with running, pull ups and air squats, and both times, the drain was real.

So far our exposure with Fitness Sanctum has been excellent and fantastic communication. The pricing on their site is extremely competitive so for those of you that are box owners and for those of you who are also building your own home Box, it’s a great place to check out as well.
If this vest is any indication of the other products that they have on their site, you will not be disappointed with the rest. Fitness Sanctum scores a strong A+ with us.
This is our first review! Keep an eye out! our next review with Fitness Sanctum we will be doing a 5 minute WOD contest for a specific product from their website!!! This will be awesome!!!   
From their website:
 Don’t limit your challenges---challenge your limits!
Fitness Sanctum is much more than just your one-stop shop to get the most out of your WODs---and look great while doing it. Sure, we’ve got everything you need,---from the hottest workout apparel, to fitness gear that helps you get that little extra from your workouts, and training equipment to help you get that edge on the field or on the court. But we’re much more than that.
We’re about creating a community, if not a sanctuary for, those who not only seek to make fitness a priority in their lives, but to continuously improve and push past their limits…real and perceived. We’re about giving those who relentlessly push past barriers in order to continuously create, meet and exceed new goals, the support they need to become accomplished.




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