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Three weeks ago, we received a shipment from Before I go any further, let me start by saying that we have been CrossFitting for well over four years and I have done a ton of Olympic lifting during that period of time. In that time, I have only used the elastic wraps which provide some support, but absolutely nowhere near the support that Tough Wraps provide. The elastic wrap material allows you to slam them on your hands quickly but the material of these things are made out make sure there is no give and provide superior support to your wrists. I have worn them during push press overhead squats and snatches and I am completely blown away by the support that they provide. The amazing feeling is that it is almost like a platform underneath your lift which just allows you to concentrate on pushing through with the arms and shoulders.
They have a variety of different patterns for those of you that like to have your reps with a little flare to them. The thumb wrap and string design allows you to send down your reps very quick. And to top it off, their logo is red, white and blue, sporting a patriotic panache which, as you knows; I absolutely love anything with the American flag in it!
I'll let you know right now you will not be disappointed with the Tough Wraps product. They're high-quality (strong and firm) material prevents any give while throwing heavyweight up over your head. We here at WODville give them solid marks all around! And for what it matters, this will be my primary wrist wrap from now on.
From Tuff Wraps Web Site:
TuffWraps have taken the “old school” wrist wrap design and kicked it up a notch! We have created a newer and easier way to use wrist wraps.
How are TuffWraps different?

  • We have over 40 years experience in Industrial Sewing.
  • Designed to provide superior wrist support.
  • A special fabric blend has been chosen to provide optimal, structure and function to its design.
  • Offers a thumb loop design for quick application.
  • Reinforced Stitching .
  • TuffWraps1Durable, washable cloth wraps.
  • Twist to tighten and/or loosen to desired support.
  • Comfortable to use throughout any workout.
  • Used by all types of athletes in the fitness industry
  • Made in the USA.
TuffWrap your way to a stronger you….Simply loop, wrap, twist and DO WORK!


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