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Assault Bike by LifeCORE Fitness

I am so unbelievably pumped and excited to bring this next piece of equipment to our readers. Just a few months ago, we received the Assault Air Bike at our doorstep. Within a few hours, I had that thing put together and ready for the evening WOD. I have visited other CrossFit gyms that sang the praises of the Assault Bike. I remember when we visited Paris, France and got a tour of the CrossFit Louvre. The owner had told me that he had just done a squat / Air Assault Bike workout. He went on to tell me that it was one of the best workouts for the legs. So that evening I did a workout of:
10 squats at 95 pounds
10 cal assault bike
10 Rounds for time

This crushed my legs to say the least. I walked around for two days looking like a drunken fool. That's how I knew right away that this was an awesome piece of equipment. Since then, Heidi and I have included the Assault Bike in a ton of our workouts. It is also an item that is regularly used for warm-up as well. I have used rowers since starting CrossFit four years ago, but in my personal opinion, if you were to ask me which one would you choose I would pick the Assault Bike over a rower.

Two items that they sell in the accessories department is the water bottle holder and the awesome wind screen. The wind screen is great to have if your in a cold location during the winter months. Its a great $40 investment.

Click here for all Assault Bike accessories
easy to use display
This product is well built, has a full digital display on it, and you can sync it with the Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

The people at LifeCORE Fitness have truly hit a homerun with this piece of equipment and understand it is more than just a wind bike.

You will not be disappointed in the least with this product, for there is not one negative thing that I could say about it. If you're looking for something to add to your home gym or your local BOX, this is the product! Assault Bike scores an amazing A+.


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