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Up next is an awesome piece of equipment that we have had in our gym for the last 3+ months. The piece of equipment that I am referring to is the Stud Bar.

There are a couple of things that right off the bat I would like to point out. They haven't just made one size fits all and hope that works for you. They make three different sizes; they have their small size that is designed for an 8 foot ceiling, they have their standard size that is made for a 9 foot ceiling and then they have their large size which is made for a 10 foot ceiling. It is an excellently constructed piece of equipment. I have done a ton of pull-ups and other related movements with this piece of equipment and it is extremely durable.

The material used is 12 gauge steel and has a 600 pound weight capacity. It stretches 48 inches, wide allowing for wide grips.

For most of you that know me know that I'm not the most mechanically inclined. As a matter fact, there are times that when I'm putting equipment or things together I get frustrated and tools begin flying across the garage

From start to finish, it took me about 15 minutes to completely install this piece of equipment. In my opinion the 1.25" diameter bar that is used for the actual part of doing the pull-up is the perfect size.

Let me just be clear with my feelings about this product; it’s superior, durable and well constructed. As for their website, you can purchase it for $140 to give you instruction on how to put together a gives you a variety of different exercises that you can do.

So as you can tell, Stud Bar gets a solid A+ with us and anything that they produce in the future is something that we will support as long as they maintain their same high standard of quality!

From their web Site:

·         If you are serious about pull ups, chin ups, or kipping pull ups, you need a sturdy, fixed-mount pullup bar.
Stud Bar is a gym-quality pull up bar made from welded 14 gauge steel with triangular gussets for added strength. 600 LB. weight capacity.

·         The bar is 1 1/4″ diameter for a comfortable grip.

·         Stud Bar comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate different ceiling heights.

·         Our mounting holes center on your existing ceiling or wall studs at 48 inches for easy mounting. (Grade 8 wood mounting hardware included).

·         Stud Bar’s 48″ width allows for wide grip pull ups.

·         Add gymnastic rings or fitness bands for added exercise options and you can turn your ceiling into a gym.

·         Hammertone powder coated finish. Lifetime warranty.


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