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Ladies review of Born Primitive

Ladies review of Born Primitive

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Today I get to review a couple items from Born Primitive. Definitely a company that focuses on the functionality of their products. I got to wear and workout in the capris and the snatch shorts.

I loved the capri design! They have a great cut with a low enough waistline to sit just below the hips, but high enough for "no show" squats. Great combo!! The camouflage is a nice subtle print, but my favorite part is the logo down the leg. I don't know why more companies don't do that, it is such a cool look. These are my go-to pants, durable and wash great. They stay put for a run, a squat, double unders and even at the heaviest sweat point are not see through.

Next is the ladies snatch shorts. Definitely a functional part of the wardrobe! If you have ever hit yourself with a bar doing a snatch, you will be an instant appreciator of these shorts, they do what they are supposed to do for sure. Like the capris they have great logo placement, and the perfect waistline cut.  For those who love shorts, they will be your favorite. I wish the padding was removable so that after snatch you could just wear them as shorts, but I am sure there is great reasoning for that with the durability and placement. I have used them and love them, and hopefully they will eventually make them in a capri. (hint hint ;) Until then I will happily rock these on snatch days.

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