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221B Tactical

A few months ago, I received an unbelievable piece of equipment in the mail from 221B Tactical. They sent me an item that, for all my brothers in police, fire and military, goes underneath your tactical vest. Simply put, the Max-Dri Vest is an invaluable piece of equipment.

When I first read the benefits listed on their website, I was skeptical regarding the promised technology. However, upon its arrival and wearing it over the last few months, I have come to truly love this product. I work in the Central Valley of California and over the last couple months we have had 100° weather consistently. This product actually delivers on what it says it will!  I can honestly say that the amount I sweat each shift drops by about 70% while I am using this.

Obviously, I have not worn it in the cold environments as of yet, but for $70 it is so worth the purchase. You wear your undershirt with this item on top and then put your ballistic vest over the top of that. What the Max-Dri Vest does is it creates an airflow between your undershirt/skin and your vest. It is truly money well spent.
As for a way to even further bolster the effects of the vest, I discovered over the last week that if you use Cool Cop’s Air Hose in conjunction with the Maxx-Dri Vest, it creates a fully functional Cop Conditioning Unit. Putting the two of these items together is truly a grand slam. This would work for police, fire or anybody that works in the hot environment in and out of a vehicle. Wearing the Maxx-Dri Vest creates ventilation whether you're in or out of the car, but when you get inside the car and place the cool cop air hose from your air conditioning down your vest while wearing the Maxx-Dri Vest it allows the air to flow throughout the upper torso uninhibited. In the past, when I've used the cool cop it only blows cold air in the front and your back is still sweaty and wet, but with this dispersal vest, that’s no longer the case.

I give Maxx-Dri Vest an A+ all the way and wish that I would've had this 15 years ago when I first came into the law enforcement. 

You really don't notice it or feel it while you're working, it only weighs a total of 8 ounces. You can get it in white or black and if you log onto their website it will tell you what size to order for your regular shirt size. Another note, one of the guys that I work with has suffered from rashes caused by heat and sweat. This summer he has not experienced any rash as a result of wearing this product. is the website and I strongly encourage you to log on and order yours immediately. You will not be disappointed !!