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Today, we have a new shoe company to bring to you. We have heard your complaints over the last year about the change in the Reebok Nano's and how the new Nike Cross-Trainers are falling apart. With that being said, we have the ultimate solution for you. Welcome to LALO Tactical.

They make an amazing tactical boot as well as a cross training / Crossfit shoe. So Crossfitters, here's you a product that you will not be disappointed in. Their shoes are built well and are very durable.

I love them because they have a wide toe box, they’re firm around the instep and ae comfortable to wear around town. I own about four pairs of Nanos, New Balance and Nikes, but none of these shoes have been out of my closet all summer. My shoe of choice is the Bugs made by LALO Tactical! 
They get a 100% endorsement from us, you will not be disappointed and I can almost guarantee that your Reebok's and Nikes will find their way to the back of your closet after sporting these kicks. 

For those of you in the tactical community, their tactical boot is designed for all kinds of weather including intense rain. It also has the small connector on the back which allows you to attach fins for our friends that spend even more time in the water. It's an awesome looking boot and even more practical than its appearance.

I currently wear the tactical boot on patrol here in the central valley of California,  A+ rating from WODville. 

Their story..


At LALO Tactical, we honor those who choose a path of purpose, a path of hard work, grit and determination.

Our company was founded to serve the needs of Special Forces Operators. Our award-winning designers and developers have been creating innovative footwear for some of the world’s most popular brands for over 30 years.

We use top tier materials to create some of the best and hardest working tactical boots and athletic footwear for those that rise to the toughest occasions.

Our Mantra

We believe that a professional athlete and a Special Forces Operator have much in common, both extraordinary individuals who never ring the bell.

Companies have been collaborating with professional athletes for years in an effort to make specialized performance footwear. At LALO, we not only listen carefully to our professional athletes, we listen to our Operators on the front lines.

Our Products
The LALO Shadow, our ultimate Special Forces tactical boot, features a unique patent including a drainage system, a composite forefoot plate, a fast-dry component and the lightest weight materials on the market.

The LALO Tactical Athletic line is a direct result of briefings we received from our Special Forces Operators. The need was to build a lightweight, packable, breathable shoe they could cross train and run in – a shoe they could count on, whether training or deployed. Our tactical athletic designs put an emphasis on noise reduction, support and game day performance; gear that hits the mark time after time.

LALO was created for the best of the best but why shouldn’t every day athletes, busy parents and weekend warriors also benefit? Every pair of shoes we create is for the end user who refuses to settle for the status quo.

Whether your path leads you to a career in the military, competing in an adventure race, cross training, tackling an urban athletic workout, or running a 5K, we’ve got the shoe for you.
What path will you choose?

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