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I'm pretty excited to bring this next product to the WODville readers; whether you're in the tactical or Crossfit community, I've got a great backpack for you at a phenomenal price. 

First Tactical has produced a great one day backpack that I have been using every day as my primary backpack to and from work and have had multiple people inquire about the backpack. For starters, it is a clean, good-looking backpack. 

For me, it immediately receives an A+ when it comes to appearance. Beyond that, let's talk about some of the other sweet benefits this pack provides. The mollies on the front are not the thick, bulky, old-school style; but rather sleek as you can see in the photos. It is very easy to slide other pouches on and off using this system.

I currently carry a 15" laptop and my it slides in and out of the laptop area of the backpack easily there is plenty of space inside for additional carry. One of the features that I like is that the front pouch zips on both sides, allowing you to keep them separated. The straps and stitching are very sturdy and heavy duty. Though I've only been using it for a short time I do not doubt in the least that this bag will last a very long time. My only issue is keeping it hidden from my 15-year-old son who loves tactical equipment and now wants one for school. 

I'm sure a majority of you reading this are similar to me in that when you pick up an item and look at it, you're able to do a quick assessment and determine whether something is a solid product or not. This backpack is an excellent piece of equipment in every aspect and I cannot think of one area that you will be disappointed in. Especially when it comes to the appearance, structure, durability and functionality of this backpack.

First Tactical once again scores high marks with WODville. For those of you in the tactical community or CrossFit community looking for a great backpack this is the product. Log onto their website and see the other awesome stuff they have for sale.  We here at WODville are now big fans of First Tactical and will be looking forward to purchasing and wearing their products in the future.


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