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HYLETE circuit cross-training shoe

HYLETE Circuit 
Cross-Training Shoe

Up Next is a company that is not new to the WODville readers. It’s also a company that we absolutely love. HYLETE! We have never received anything from them that we were disappointed in it when it comes to quality, performance, and appearance.


In this review we are going to talk about their cross-training shoe. Absolutely amazing product. The design is excellent there’s parts of it that remind me of the original Nanos that everybody loved before reebok started jacking with the design.
Though I’ve only had them for about a month the durability appears to be excellent. I am very rough on my gear and these are going to hold up very well from what I can see. Its high abrasion resistance is created by combining ultra-durable heat welded TPU, eliminating the need for stitching, with ventilated ripstop nylon, protecting against tears and rips. Lightweight Vibram outsoles offer the best stability and traction during side movements and high impact activity.
The part that I absolutely love about the shoes is that they are designed to be custom depending on your work out. they ship them with three different souls 0mm, 4mm, and 6mm. 

Lift, train, and run in one shoe. The circuit cross-training shoe includes 3 interchangeable insoles tuned to optimize stability/energy transfer while lifting, all around versatility while training, or high impact absorption while running; allowing you to change your training discipline without changing your shoe.
The obvious 0mm is for weightlifting, and the other two are designed for training or running.

They also ship the shoes with a second set of shoe strings so that you can sport gray shoe strings or black shoestrings depending on your preference.

This shoe has an excellent toe box. It is a wider toe box but firmly grips all the way around your foot for a comfortable feel.

Hylete will soon be releasing other colors. This shoe scores an A+. 10 out of 10! 

Order yours today!! HYLETE

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