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Thin Blue Line USA

We have a new company that we want to introduce to the WODville readers too. Thin Blue Line USA is an awesome company that supports first responders. They have a ton of swag/apparel for the law-enforcement and fire fighter community. 

Recently, we received a few items from them that I have now worn multiple times in the last couple of weeks. They have a pair of socks that have the thin blue line that run up the back of the calf. Around the top of the socket has “THIN BLUE LINE USA” in white. Really cool design! And if you need to know they’re very soft as well 😉

I also received a black compression shirt which displays the United States of America with the American flag. Both products are excellent, high-end quality, and awesome design. 

They also sent me some silicone thin blue line wristbands that I handed out to my law enforcement friends at church on Sunday. 
As most of you know being a retired police officer it means a lot when you see others sporting something with the thin blue line on it and showing their support to those that put their life on the line daily (whether it is fireman or a police officer).

First Responders are always grateful for those who take a moment to say thank you.
Today most of our media is selling a false narrative about law enforcement. It is great to have a company that provides us a product that will show our support to our awesome first responders. Part of the proceeds go to the families of fallen heroes.   

Companies like the Thin Blue Line USA give us the ability to show those that are still doing the job the support they rightfully deserve. 

Thin Blue Line USA scores an A+ excellent product! Great company!!