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Battle Ops

Battle Ops

We got a new product that we want to bring you and that’s our friends at Battle Ops. We recently received a pair of their 6-inch waterproof tactical boot and man I was not disappointed whatsoever!

BATTLE OPS WEBSITE - We also got a bonus for all the WODville readers. Use code: WODville at checkout for free shipping!

As most of you that have read my tactical reviews know that I’m kind of a boot snob. I have worn approximately 15 to 20 different boots over my law enforcement career, and we have written a few reviews on tactical boots here on WODville.

Let me start off by saying that I am highly impressed with this product, the general appearance of the boat provides a very sleek and clean look. And though I’ve only worn them now for a couple of weeks they are holding up well. The boots are very comfortable. They have the appearance of a boot but gives the comfort and feel of a tennis shoe. The toe box is wide, but still provide a firm fit.

They are extremely lightweight. They’re waterproof but also have the ability to breathe. The heels have like this shock absorber in them which they called comfort pods. It secures your ankle and calf area for a perfect fit.

Recently we did an article on Hylete’s cross training shoe and the Battle Ops has a product similar in there is which allows you to remove the insert (allowing you to customize your perfect fit).

For those of you that like to have the polished toe for formal situations these boots are easy to polish for that class A look.

Battle OPS gear is built to the exact specifications of professionals from around the world. For those who cannot differentiate between their “job” and their passion, their gear is engineered to an unrivaled standard. They are committed to meet the needs of those on the front lines will never end... always move forward.
Their motto is ALWAYS MOVE FORWARD. And that they do!
Their sizes range from 7 to 15. If you are in a first responders or military this is a fantastic product. They score high so far in durability! The appearance and quality are awesome! They score high in our book giving you a 10 out of 10. Also logon and check out their Battle Ops socks and they sell an awesome “land of the free because of the brave” T-shirt.