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Hey WODville Peeps! We’ve got a new company to bring to you and that is our new friends at Clench Fitness. They are a resistance band company, but they don’t just sell the resistant band. They sell a handle and anchor strap that makes for an excellent resistant band experience. They are the full package!

We have now used the system a dozen times for our primary work out. I quickly discovered that it forces you to keep the full body tight. I was sore the next day after doing Thrusters. 

                                          CLENCH FITNESS

The awesome part of this product is you can create so many different workouts with different ranges of motions. For those of you that use resistant bands for strictly mobility this is a great product. The materials are high-quality from the bands themselves, to the handles, and lastly the anchor strap.

First, I want to highlight the handles. they sell for $15 each. They provide an additional amount of versatility to your resistant band training. The handles are an awesome attachment, which allows you to implement almost any movement within your workout. 

The great part of the handles is that when you’re in the middle of your workout and you’re sweating heavily the regular resistant bands will slide around not giving you a firm grip, these handles change it for you completely. You are able to simply concentrate on your workout with good form. 

In the way of durability, I was sold when I saw the video of the handles holding 150 pound weights being raised on a tractor. These handles are strong and heavy duty. 

The handles are also designed to store your resistance bands.

The resistance bands themselves are a high-end quality product. Having been in Crossfitter for seven or eight years we have used plenty of resistant bands. These bands are made to take a beating. Whether you’re going to use them for rehab, speed training, warm up, strength, or flexibility these resistance bands won’t let you down!

The last thing that I want to point out about their products is there clinch anchor strap. The Anchor strap allows you to wrap it around any structure i.e. squat rack or any other stable product in your house or hotel room.It creates a firm grip on the product allowing the resistant band to strictly do their job in your work out.

I love the slogan on Clench's website, whether you’re at work, at home, in the gym, or on the road, in the middle of nowhere, Clench has your back.

In a few weeks we will be going on vacation and the clutch handles and resistant bands will be in my suitcase!
Clench has also recently released 2 new resistance bands 
- Orange (5-15 lb) great for lighter weight mobility exercises
- Green (75-150 lb) very popular for assisted pull ups and leg exercises.  

We here at WODville are now big supporters of Clench Fitness we give this product an A+, five star rating, 10 out of 10. They hit out of the park with this product! 

Clench Workouts

10 push press
10 squats 
7 rounds 

321 go!

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